Mission Accomplished!!!

Modified Buicks accepted on the show field

By Keith Horsfall, BCA 21432, BMD 1, BDE 80

Has it been almost 15 years since I approached the BCA President, then Bill Schoening, with my concerns about how modified Buick owners were being treated at National BCA events. He told me to do something about it, so we did!

Since that time in 2002, I have worked hard, with help from many people, to encourage the acceptance of these beautiful modified cars at our meets. I have to thank Pat Brooks for his support during his time as President, along with his B.O.D. My biggest supporters during the early years were Joe Taubitz, John Dale Williams, Mike Book, and my wife, Wendy.

I must thank all the people who assisted on the show field with the judging and the kind ladies who assisted Wendy with the modified administration at the meets, especially Isabel Lenny and Bernice Taubitz who assisted many times.

Joe, John and I created the first judging form which was used in Texas in 2004 followed by Batavia in 2005, my first attempt at introducing the new division to the members. The first system did not work very well and we made big changes prior to the meet in Rochester, MN in 2006, where we had the largest turn-out of modified Buicks in memory.

I have tweaked the judging form a couple to times as we progressed to make it easier for the owner and the judges.

Over the past 15 years I have issued almost 200 membership cards and some of the early members are still along for the ride and I really appreciate their support: Mike Book #2, Jim Jaeger #5, Jim Day #6, Pete Nathan #8, Ann Bell & the late Al #10, Mike Stemen #17, Ed Pentico #20, Jim Meyers #24, Brian Frye #39, Paul Wellington #47, John Dale Williams #50, J.D. Westfall #66. Many of these members never owned a modified Buick but joined in support of my dream. There are many other friends of mine who joined in support over the years but have dropped out for various reasons: John Westfall #7, the late Ken McLellan #11, the late Bob Montgomery #16, the late Mario Bartoletti #22, Bobby Minis #53, Frank Blizzard #51, Ed Lenny #67 and to all the people who joined over the years. THANK YOU ALL.

Our membership has dropped down to 48 and I have decided to close the division. My original idea has been accomplished and we have a very capable team, Bob and Bonnie Starzyk BCA 39653, BMD 184, who have taken over the modified judging at the National meets. They are making more changes to the system and are trying to get modified judging incorporated into the accepted BCA judging system. Bob's contact info is 56buick@att.net Phone 708-361-2943. Contact him with any modified judging questions.

Thanks also to the BCA Office, The Boards of Directors, Pete Phillips and Cindy Livingston for their support and Roberta Vasilow for her help on the web site.

So long from the Modified Division,